Friday, 4 November 2016

Savings Through Solar

Nature has bestowed us with a tool to cut down inflation, let’s BE GRATEFUL AND REACH for Solar energy and technology.

Today the world is grappling with power crisis as the demand for power is rising sharply due to host of reasons like rapid urbanization, industrial growth and advancement in the fields of electronics and computer science that has given birth to plethora of smart devices like computer, television, smart phones, washing machines and countless other modern gadgets. As the need for more and more power aroused we started exploring multiple sources but sadly most of them are non-renewable and polluting like coal, nuclear plants and Petroleum. But as the global attention fell to the deteriorating environmental condition, we started exploring sustainable and non-polluting source of energy and thus the attention fell to the Ultimate source of Energy “The Sun”. Today solar energy is gaining popularity all over the world and is being extensively used in the form of solar water heater, solar inverter or solar power plants. But still the question for the middle class family stands lurking – Can I afford to Go solar? Is it Economically Viable? Will it add long term value? Is solar power reliable?
In this blog, we will discuss about how can we save money by cutting on our power bills and in some cases even earn profits?

Solar definitely helps you save on your electricity bills:

For sure- the biggest advantage of using solar energy is immediate electricity bill savings. No matter what is the size of your installation, you begin receiving smaller monthly bills from your local power company. But again the bigger question is how much can you save? As we live in a world where data analytics has left us spoilt with choices, Let’s try and make it more specific by understanding how the quantification of savings can be made.

The answer to “how much” depends on the following two factors:

Ø  Solar energy is a modular technology, which means you can install as many or as few panels as you like and at any point of time. For every new kilowatt of installed solar capacity, bigger electricity bill savings can be made.  With a large enough installation, it’s possible to reduce your energy bill completely. Thanks to solar energy, many people in India already pay Rs.0/- a month to their local power board.

Ø  Whatever may be the size of your installation, you are assured to increase your electricity bill savings with time. As power rates increase, clean energy from the sun remains consistently free. Solar is an intelligent investment that pays increasingly large dividends with each passing day.

The cost of solar has come down tremendously due to mass manufacturing and technical advancements, accredited to growing market demand. As the power prices are on all time high and Environmental concern is the talk of the town this is the best time to turn to solar power as a secondary power source and try to exploit this freely available, zero maintenance source.

Written By : Vinay Sood 

About the Author : Mr. Vinay Sood is blogger by hobby and Director - operations at Erigeron Energy Private Limited by profession. He has a deep interest in exploring renewable energy opportunities and a perfect solutions for the same.